5ish Mid-Week Lovely Stuffs - Vintage Sign Edition

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello, friends! I have a little story to tell you, which really isn't a story at all, but poo-poo to that. 

While in Detroit Lakes, I observed that pretty much all signs - be they restaurants, motels, fishing warnings - look like they're from the '60s. Um, hellohi, it's 2012. But I love it. It's so old-school and oddly comforting, don't you think?

*Sidenote: While we're on the subject of strange stuff, we're currently obsessed with Twin Peaks, a show that takes place in the '80s but everyone acts like they're from the '50s. Such craziness ensues, but it's endlessly brilliant. 

Sorry about the major digression. I just have so much to say! Including, today's edition of 5ish Mid-week Lovely Stuffs, which is all about signs. Enjoy! I sure did.


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