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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's the second gloomy day in a row, so I will attempt to ungloom you and share with you a couple of new artists I've recently come to...well...worship.

First, Lora Zombie. Yes, the spelling of her first name bothers me slightly, but holy awesome last names! Ms. Zombie is a self-taught Russian artist right around the age of 21. All of these things make her one of the coolest Zombies I ever did come to know of. Her work is incredible - some of it terrifying at the very least - and I would like to own all of it. End words. Start wowdom:

All images via eyesonwalls

Next: El Jefe Design. Of course I would pronounce this "Jeff-ay" upon first seeing it. Thankfully, my less ignorant co-worker corrected me. His work is something of a cross between my always local favorite Adam Turman and someone else (Lora Zombie perhaps?) I can't quite put my finger on. No doubt haunting, but with a serious jab of cute. Whatever his style, I'm finding it more and more appealing.

All images courtesy of El Jefe Design

Well, there is my artist plug o' the day. I'm clearly drawn to darkness. But, I mean, just look at that cute-as-a-jellybean dragon!  Dark+Cute= my taste in art? Possibly so.

Hope you all have joyful days, even if some darkness seeps in.

<3, D


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