The Most Boring [Iowa] Post Ever

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello, old friends! Don't worry, I didn't just call you old. I mean, I did, but...moving on. I'm back from a lengthy hiatus! You know, the kind you take to get your life in order in some manner or another?

During this hiatus, I was (un)fortunate enough to be able to visit Iowa. I know, I know, you're giving me the jealous stare. Don't hate me, though. I never "get" to go back ever ever EVER again.

Here's some of the beauuuutifully gross footage from the road (please note that the bluish color you're seeing is not actually the sky):

Seen enough wind thingies? Yeah, me toobyee.

Other highlights from the trip include a really swanky tapas restaurant (this is not actually sarcasm), which included that most ginormous cocktail I've ever seen in my life. It tasted like Kool-Aid or those blue raspberry Mr. Freezy things. Yum.

Also, a crazy awesome hotel room complete with a soaking tub, a masterful sink, modern furni, and a king-size bed that was actually a pleasure to sleep in. Oh, and a view of the Iowa City Public Library. Kind of fitting.

The main even of the trip was for a music show at a bar with boots of liquor for sale and whiskey barrel tables. Cool concept; not the best execution. I mean, ok, I don't want to hate on Iowa for this entire post, but I've already given it multiple generous compliments. The show was just kind of a bust...for the following reasons:
  • Doors were 2 hours before the show actually started. That's just not cool, yo.
  • The 200-capacity room was burgeoning with college students who, sadly, acted just like you'd expect college students to act. They. Didn't. Shut. Up.
  •  Poor Justin Townes Earle got his eardrum popped. Holy scary moments in time.
  • Oh, also, I almost fainted. Saweeet.

At least I got to leave early and watch House Hunters from the bathtub. I went home a winner.

Final thoughts: trees don't grow in Iowa; breakfast places should have their own damn coffee; vintage stores should actually contain vintage clothing; I really, really, really like House Hunters.  

Hope you've all been keeping up with life in my absence!



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