5ish Mid-Week Lovely Stuffs

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The middle of the week sucks. Everyone knows this. SO, in honor of the suckage (or, perhaps, to brighten things up a bit), here is my new mid-week feature: 5ish Mid-Week Lovely Stuffs (I know, so grammatically correct. Yet so, just...lovely).

This lampy bookcase is seriously cool. Actually, pretty much everything from this store is. 

This chocolate colored Fuji Instant Camera is just the greatest little contraption. I would feel so happy to have one someday.

Photo courtesy of abeautifulmess.typepad.com

Owl. Purse

 I stalk this pretty house in my neighborhood sometimes. It's sort of magical.

And last, but not least (most, actually), stills from Take This Waltz - a beautiful, beautiful experience. Life-changing even. Sarah Polley managed to make one of the most gorgeous (in every sense) films I've ever seen. I am just crazy about it. Also, I want to live in their house. And magically turn into Michelle Williams. And be a freelance writer like her character. K, done.

All Take This Waltz photos courtesy of artdepartmental.com



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