Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hullo, friends! This past Sunday was spent in lovely Duluth, Minnesota - where the weather was cooler, the music was worse (worst?) and the children were out of control, as were the seagulls. 

Positives: 1) the first of two summer Wilco stalkings (I call them stalkings with much affection), which included pretty much the best seat there, footlong eggrolls, and OUT. OF. CONTROL. dancers in front of us. Ohmagaaaad were they out of control. 2) My boyfriend was there, and he's pretty swell. 3) A ship rolling by + the moon behind the stage at dusk. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Here are some snapsnots 'o the day. As you'll see, one "Jew troll" was found while antiquing. The tag read: "Troll. Girl. Jewish." Oh, Duluth. You and your girl Jewish troll thingy made my day.


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