Goals Again - Part 1

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's time for goal-setting once again. I know that I did a pretty terrible job fulfilling the previous set, but since these things are ever-evolving (which is perfectly fine), the list must be updated/modified/expanded. Do you make goal lists for yourself? I find them sometimes helpful. More than anything, I enjoy documenting...pretty much whatever! So even if I don't go back and look at it more than a few times, it helps me just to know they're out there. I suppose one of my goals this time around is actually to keep up on my goals list! Silly, silly. What are some of yours? I'm very curious about this stuff. ;)

1) Read, read, and read some more. I used to be a hardcore reader. Then I finished college and lost my focus. This all changes now. I will read at least one chapter each day (from one of the various books on my nightstand) - no exceptions. I know, I know, this is a pretty strict expectation, but you know, if I spend at least a half hour a day searching the Internet (which I do), I can spend it on reading a darn book.

2) Learn web designy things. I would love to create my own personal website at some point. While I know I'm not really that interested in learning tons of coding, I am terribly interested in the design aspect. I so admire the skill in others to do this, and I aspire to do it too.

3) Write more. Poetry, bloggage, short stories. I need to start setting aside writing time on my calendar along with all the other must-dos. I think that taking time for yourself - whether creative or meditative, etc. - is just as imperative to hold yourself to than going to work each day. I'd love to keep submitting to dandy publications like Paper Darts, but also just freakin' do it.

4) Really learn to sew! I bought one of Elsie's wonderful online courses and have yet to dive into it. It always seems so daunting when I literally know nothing except which pretty fabrics I'm into. But I know it will be a worthwhile endeavor, especially when it comes time to open my own shop someday.

5) Turn my bike into my best friend (and eventually get one that will take me all the way to work). I am SO into my bike. Really. I never thought I would be. I'm not into it in the way that I want to fix it up and talk about it every two seconds and such,  I just want to ride it everywhere all the time! Next year I shall invest in a better one, maybe this one? Oooheeeee! <-- major excitement

6) Begin crafting a business plan. This was on my previous list, and it still hasn't begun to happen. However, next month I've vowed to get it going. I really want to get to that place where I'm doing everything I want to be doing. I know it's going to be insane amounts of work, but I am looking forward to it, because I will have chosen it. Enough with the job-just-to-live stuff. I want passion!

That is all for this moment. <3


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